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When you arrive in Grand Cayman, let Red Sail Sports entertain you for the day. We offer every kind of water activity under the warm Caribbean sun: from diving to sailing to watersports. Red Sail Sports specializes in unforgettable vacation activities. We look forward to introducing you to all the sites both above and below our island's world-famous waters, and we encourage you to make the most of your visit to Grand Cayman.


You'll find Red Sail Sports watersports centers at the following locations:


  • Marriott Resort - Seven Mile Beach
  • Westin Resort - Seven Mile Beach
  • Rum Point - One hour's drive from Seven Mile Beach


Please note that activity availability will vary depending on your cruise ship's arrival time and length of stay in port. Please check with your Activities Coordinator for more information on what is available.


The following cruise lines offer various Red Sail Sports activities:


  • Disney Cruise Lines
  • Royal Caribbean


For all other excursions, please contact us directly to make your reservations. Please note that dive reservations should be made on board your cruise ship, so please contact your Activities Coordinator. Visitors wishing to book our 2-tank morning dive are not able to do so unless they are visitors on board the Disney vessel and have signed up with their Disney Activities Coordinator. It's important to note that the "ship's time" is not always the same time as Grand Cayman's. Any reservations that are made directly with Red Sail Sports are made on local Grand Cayman time only.


Red Sail Sports does not provide transportation from George Town (if you have made individual bookings) so please make other arrangements. Taxis are readily available at the cruise ship pier. The approximate cost to our watersports centers on Seven Mile Beach is $20.00 one-way. It's about a 10 minute drive.


To download the Cayman Cruise Map, use the link below:

 Cayman Cruise Ship Map

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